Supplying & Earning

How to supply?

Browse to the "Supply" section and click on the "Supply" button for the asset you want to supply. Select the amount you'd like to supply and submit your transaction*. Once the transaction is confirmed, your supply is successfully registered, and you begin earning interest.

* The first supply of one asset will require an additional approval transaction.

These deposited assets can also be used as collateral for borrowing new assets based on Loan-to-Value (LTV) indicators. However, certain restrictions and rules apply to deposits due to risk considerations.

How much will I earn?

hTokens holders receive continuous earnings that evolve with market conditions based on the interest rate payment on loans. For more information, visit the following section:

pageSupply Rate

How to withdraw?

To withdraw, you need to go to the "Dashboard" section and click “Withdraw.” Select the amount to withdraw and submit the transaction. Also, you can use your "hTokens" as liquidity without withdrawing.

You would need to make sure there is enough liquidity (not borrowed) in order to withdraw; if this is not the case, you would need to wait for more liquidity from suppliers or borrowers repaying.

Supply Caps

The Risk Committee sets a maximum deposit limit for each pool based on token market performance and liquidity risk, which can be adjusted by community vote. Once the deposit limit is reached, users cannot deposit more tokens into that specific pool to mitigate individual pool risks.

In case the Supply Cap of the reserve is set lower than the current liquidity of the reserve, the existing depositors are unaffected, but no more liquidity can be supplied to that reserve.

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